Note that the procedure of acquiring a POEA license is under the jurisdiction of the Head Office of the POEA. One of the requirements however is a set of documents to be verified by POLO.

Subject to issuance of a certification by the POEA, the following documents shall be submitted to POLO for verification of Proof of Existence of New Market (2016 Revised POEA Rules and Regulations, Rule II, Sec. 4.c)

  1. Copy of Letter from POEA certifying that the said company is currently applying for a POEA license and Passport Copy of the Company President/Authorized Representative
  2. Notarized Recruitment Agreement which contains Special Power of Attorney provisions, with original signatures, by the applicant and the new principal/employer.

For this purpose, a new principal/employer must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have never been accredited/registered with any licensed recruitment agency or with the POEA;
  • Has been existing for at least one (1) year
  • For FPAs: client employer/s must be identified and must not have been accredited with any licensed recruitment agency o with the POEA.
  1. Company Registration with English translation

Additional Requirement for FPAs:

  1. Business Permit as a legitimate recruitment agency in Japan

Additional requirement for Dispatch:

  1. Business Permit as a legitimate Dispatch company in japan