Jurisdiction of MWO-TOKYO

(1) Hokkaido, (2) Aomori, (3) Iwate, (4) Miyagi, (5) Akita, (6) Yamagata, (7) Fukushima, (8) Ibaraki, (9) Tochigi, (10) Gunma, (11) Saitama, (12) Chiba, (13) Tokyo,(14) Kanagawa, (15) Niigata, (16) Nagano,(17) Shizuoka, (18) Okinawa, and (19) Yamanashi


GENERAL RULE: All foreign employers/companies hiring Filipino workers from the Philippines are advised to partner with a POEA-licensed Philippine Recruitment Agency

  • If the company/employer is not yet accredited to POEA, kindly refer them to this link for the list of requirements and procedures on how to apply for accreditation: INITIAL ACCREDITATION
  • If the company/employer is already accredited to POEA, then they should process their Filipino workers through their partner Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA)




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