Pursuant to Philippine laws, rules and regulations on Overseas Employment (poea.gov.ph) all Filipino Workers who will be working abroad and all foreign employers who will hire Filipino Workers are required by the Philippine Government to undergo verification/accreditation process by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

The general option for Foreign Employer/Company in hiring Filipino Workers is by partnering with a Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA) licensed by POEA.

  1. Application Form for Company as Direct Employer (click here)
  2. Application Form for Dispatch Company (click here)
  3. Application Form for Foreign Placement Company/Japanese Recruitment Agency (click here)

NOTE: Requirements for INITIAL Accreditation and RENEWAL of Accreditation are the same.



Companies/Employers with Valid accreditation with their partner Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA) may apply for additional Job Order/Manpower Request when the first Job Order is already used up.

  1. For Additional Job Order (Same Position): click here to download requirements
  2. For Additional Job Order (New Position): click here to download requirements