For Accreditation/Second Agency/Renewal

  1. Notarized Recruitment Agreement with original signatures
  2. Manpower with salary scale executed by the President/Authorized Company Representative with Detailed annex on Salary Scheme; Detailed list of Duties and Responsibilities; and Qualifications Required by the Company.
  3. Master Employment Contract complying with the Minimum Standard Employment provisions of both the Philippines and Japan with original signature of the Company President/Authorized Representative.

All pages must be signed by the Employer.

  1. Company Registration with English translation. Attach the Certificate of Translation or at least affix the name, signature and/or inkan of the translator.
  2. Copy of PRA POEA License/Certificate of Renewal
  3. Passport and/or ID Copy of Company President/Authorized Representative
  4. Passport Copy of PRA President/Authorized Representative

Additional Requirement for a Japanese Recruitment Agency (Foreign Placement Agency/FPA) (Per 2016 Rules and Regulations)

  • Business license or valid commercial registration of the actual employer hiring skilled workers
  • Master employment contract from the employer, signed jointly in all pages by the FPA and the actual employer or his/her authorized representative;
  • Job Order request from the employer;
  • Notarized Service agreement between the FPA and the client/employer
  • Notarized Joint Affidavit of Undertaking and Assumption of Responsibility by FPA/Employer to monitor the OFWs and to submit a report of significant incidents relative thereto.

Additional Requirement for Japanese Dispatch Companies (Per 2016 POEA Rules and Regulations)

  • List of names and addresses of clients;
  • Manpower request from the client; and
  • Notarized Service agreement between company and its clients hiring Filipino Workers