Jurisdiction of POLO-TOKYO

(1) Hokkaido, (2) Aomori, (3) Iwate, (4) Miyagi, (5) Akita, (6) Yamagata, (7) Fukushima, (8) Ibaraki, (9) Tochigi, (10) Gunma, (11) Saitama, (12) Chiba, (13) Tokyo, (14) Kanagawa, (15) Niigata, (16) Nagano, (17) Shizuoka, (18) Okinawa, (19) Yamanashi

(click here for the POLO Advisory on PCG-Osaka, Labor Section’s jurisdiction)


refers to the grant of authority by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to a foreign principal/employer to recruit and hire Filipino workers through a licensed Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA) for overseas employment. Documentary requirements for Accreditation must be VERIFIED by POLO.


refers to the procedure being conducted or applied by the Labor Attaché (head of Philippine Overseas Labor Office/POLO) to ensure that all the employment rights, benefits and welfare of Filipino migrant workers at the worksite are duly protected. The Labor Attaché shall also ensure that the employment contracts of Overseas Filipino Workers are consistent with the prevailing employment laws, standards and practices in both the Philippines and the host country, and that the documentary requirements for overseas employment as required by the Administration are complied with.

Are all Foreign Employers must be Accredited? 

YES. Pursuant to Philippine laws, rules and regulations on Overseas Employment (poea.gov.ph) all Filipino Workers who will be working abroad and all foreign employers who will hire Filipino Workers are required by the Philippine Government to undergo verification/accreditation process by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).  Foreign Employer/Company is required to partner with a Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA), licensed by POEA, in hiring Filipino Workers.

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