Japanese principals whose registration or accreditation was cancelled or had expired may apply for the release of their Escrow Deposit after the lapse of four (4) years from the date of cancellation or expiration by submitting the following documents to the POEA:
  1. Letter request
  2. Clearances from the following offices:
    • Office of the Labor Attaché (see below requirements for POLO Clearance)
    • Supreme Court of the Philippines
    • DOLE – Legal Services, Office of the Secretary
    • National Labor Relations Commission; and
    • POEA Adjudication Office
Prior to the lapse of the four (4) year period, the escrow deposit of Japanese principals may be released upon the submission of the following documents:


  1. Letter request
  2. Letter of No Objection from the Philippine Agent
  3. Supreme Court of the Philippines
  4. DOLE-Legal Services, Office of the Secretary
  5. National Labor Relation Commission; and
  6. POEA Adjudication Office
To acquire POLO Clearance for Escrow Withdrawal, the following shall be submitted by the Japanese Promotions Company:


  1. Notarized Board Resolution indicating the Company decision to withdraw their Escrow with original signatures and hanko/seal/stamp;
  2. Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) identifying the person authorized to carry out such act, with original signatures
  3. Original Company Registration (Tokibo Tohoun) with English translation and translator’s certificate
  4. Passport and/or ID copies of all signatory to the Board Resolution and SPA

If an authorized representative will submit the documents to POLO:

  1. Notarized Authorization Letter from the Company President identifying the person authorized to carry out such acts and Passport/ID Copies of all signatories


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