Please be reminded that:
  1. There is a BAN (restriction) on direct hire (pursuant to DOLE Administrative Order No. 196, ser. Of 2018 in relation to Article 18 of the Labor Code of the Philippines (ban on direct hiring), Republic Act 10022, and the Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Landbased Overseas Filipino Workers of 2016) POEA Memorandum Circular No. 08, Series of 2018
  2. Hiring thru the direct hire is only limited to Members of the Diplomatic Corps; International Organizations; and Heads of State and Government Officials with the rank of at least Deputy Minister
  3. Other employers/companies may apply for exemption from the ban which will be subjected to POLO’s evaluation and subsequent recommendation for POEA’s approval.
  4. Small/medium-sized companies that are already well-established may be allowed to apply for exemption (should already be in full operation for at least 1 year, the job position offered should not be new) (sole-proprietors are not allowed).
  5. Big companies/corporations that are likely to hire more Filipino workers and Dispatch Companies are strictly advised to hire via Philippine Recruitment Agency


  1.  The Job Category/Position is strictly Highly skilled/Professional (Managerial, Supervisory, Technical Level e.g. Engineer, Professor, etc.)
  2. The compensation package/benefits should be over and above the minimum required by POEA (e.g. High salary and with other benefits, allowances etc.)
  3. The person to be hired must be at least college graduate and has adequate expertise/knowledge and work experience related to the job (with good credentials)
Step 1 Submit complete documentary requirements to POLO Tokyo either personally (make an  appointment thru our Online Queuing System: ) or through post mail. (5-15-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8537 Philippine Embassy, Philippine Overseas Labor Office). Company details in the letterpack should be written in romaji/English. Attach a return letter pack (JP), or filled-up chakubarai (sagawa).


  • POLO Tokyo does not recognize third-party entities (brokers, immigration lawyers, or anyone not directly connected with the company) when inquiring, submitting and follow-up of necessary documents.
Step 2 POLO Tokyo Processing Officer to evaluate the documents and its contents. If found incomplete/lacking or if not qualified to apply for exemption, the Processing Officer shall return the documents to the Employer/Principal. Evaluation Period: 5 – 7 working days (excluding weekends/holidays). Companies/employers can only follow-up if no notice/feed-back was received after 7 working days. Once denied, company cannot apply for reconsideration.
Step 3 Interview with the Labor Attaché. If there are items for correction/revisions after the interview, POLO Tokyo shall return the documents to the Employer/Principal for correction/revision. If complete, proceed to the next step.
Step 4 Employer to apply for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) at the Japanese Immigration Bureau.
Step 5 POLO to release/send original verified documents w/ endorsement letter to the Employer upon receipt of the copy of the COE
Step 6 Employer to send the original verified documents and the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the worker in the Philippines.
Step 7 The worker to acquire entry visa at the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines.
Step 8 The worker will submit the original verified documents and copy of visa to POEA for final approval and issuance of POEA clearance and lastly the exit pass-Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).
    • Effective immediately, applicants for Direct Hire of Highly-Skilled/Professional Filipino workers shall apply for POLO Tokyo evaluation and verification BEFORE applying for the Certificate of Eligibility at the Japanese Immigration Bureau.
    • Use A4 size paper only. Do not staple the documents, you may only use paper clip.
    • The documents should be arranged/organized in accordance with the checklist
    • ALL details must be ENCODED/TYPE-WRITTEN.
    • Embassy authentication (red ribbon) is not required


1 POLO Application Form (ORIGINAL)Use POLO-SKILLED-Application Form 01
2 Employment Contract (ORIGINAL)

    •  With ORIGINAL signatures of the Employee and Employer
    • Probationary period not allowed
    • Contains all POEA mandatory provisions (use POLO-SKILLED-DirectHire-Form01-2019v1) If the company has a standard contract, make sure to incorporate all POEA mandatory provisions.
    • If the contract is signed by someone other than the Company President/CEO, submit Authorization Letter (SPA) issued by the Company President giving signing authority to the person who signed the contract. 
3 Salary Breakdown (ORIGINAL) – Indicating the Basic Monthly Salary; Approximate Deductions; Take Home/Net Pay and Other Benefits as may be applicable (use POLO-SKILLED-Form01-2019v1)
4 List of Duties & Responsibilities of the worker AND List of Criteria/Qualifications Required for the position (ORIGINAL) – Use/download the POLO-SKILLED-Form 02-2019v1

    • DUTIES – Actual work assignment/duties of the worker, should be specific/detailed
    • CRITERIA/QUALIFICATIONS – Such as academic requirement, skills/expertise needed, number of work experience needed, age requirement, etc.


5 Passport Copy of the Employee – Must be colored copy
6 Copy of the detailed CV/resume of the Employee – Must be signed by the employee
7 Copy of College Diploma – Must be colored copy
8 Copy of employment certificates issued to the employee from his/her previous employers – Must be colored copy


9 Company Profile (ORIGINAL) with brochure/pamphlet/flyer – Use the POLO-SKILLED-Form 03-2019v1 (if details in the guide are already included in the company brochure then there’s no need to make company profile)
10 Company Registration (Tokibo Tohoun)

    • ORIGINAL must be submitted (Japanese) taken within the last 3 months
    • Provide English Translation bearing name, signature and/or inkan of the translator.
11 Passport Copy (or any valid government-issued ID) of the Employer

    • If the contract is not signed by the Company President, provide passport copy of both the Company President and the Person who signed the contract
    • Must be colored copy
    • Copy of Residence Card is required for non-Japanese Company Representative
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