What is an OEC?

An OEC is a document issued by the Philippine Government to bona fide Overseas Filipinos Workers that aides their smooth exit and deployment to their jobsites.

By acquiring an OEC, the OFWs will be:

  1. Recorded in POEA’s database, for monitoring and protection purposes;
  2. Exempted from Travel Tax and Terminal Fee Collection at Philippine Airports; and
  3. Cleared through the Philippine Immigration, upon presentation of OEC/Exemption

How do I get an OEC?

For Filipinos in Japan, there are two ways to acquire OEC. For those located within Tokyo region and/or prefer to acquire their OECs before going to the Philippines, they may acquire the OEC at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Tokyo, Japan.

For those who prefer to acquire their respective OECs in the Philippines, they may avail of the verification procedure of the POLO before going home to the Philippines to ensure that they are prepared with the appropriate documentary requirements for the POEA.

What is the BM Online Processing System?

BM Online Processing System is a web-based facility that enables Balik-Manggagawa (BM) or vacationing OFWs to apply for their OECs online. This system also issues Exemption Numbers, when applicable.

The BM Online Processing system is supported by most devices (Smart Phones, Laptop, PC, iPad/tablets).

What are the requirements when getting an OEC?

For first time registration to the Online System/ Change Employer/Change Jobsite:

  1. Passport with at least six (6) months validity
  2. Valid Residence ID card
  3. Original Contract with original signatures. If the original contract is in Japanese, please present an English translated version with original signatures, along with the original Japanese version.
  4. Company Registration with English translation, or equivalent document from competent authority (for those employed by Companies)
  5. Passport and Residence ID Card/Gaimusho ID Copy of employer (for Household Workers)
  6. Copy of the documents submitted to Japanese Immigration when acquiring new residence status/ID

How do I avail of the BM Exemption?

If the OFW met the following requirements, he/she will be eligible for Exemption:

  • Last OEC must be though the Online System; and
  • Returning to the same employer indicated in the last acquired OEC.


  1. Go to http://bmonline.ph and open your account.
  2. Make sure that the details (passport, visa, last departure date, last arrival date) are the current and updated information.
  3. Click ACQUIRE OEC OR EXEMPTION and encode your return flight details back to Japan.
  4. When prompted by the system if you are returning to the same employer, check the name indicated. If correct, click yes; if not, click on No to set an appointment with your preferred POEA office/POLO.
  5. For same employer, the system will ask you to verify if you have indicated correct and true information. Click on ACQUIRE EXEMPTION.
  6. Your profile will generate an Exemption Number for you. Make sure to have a copy of this, along with the requirements indicated, to ensure smooth transaction with the Philippine airport officials.

Reminder: All OECs and Exemption Numbers are only valid for 60 days upon issuance and for single exit. Should there be multiple exits foreseen, make sure to acquire either OEC or Exemption, whichever is applicable.