For Accreditation/Second Agency/Renewal

  1. Notarized Recruitment Agreement with original signatures
  2. Manpower with salary scale executed by the President/Authorized Company Representative with detailed annex on Salary Scheme
  3. Master Employment Contract complying with the Minimum Standard Employment provisions of both the Philippines and Japan with original signature of the Company President/Authorized Representative.

All pages must be signed by the Employer.

  1. Company Registration with English translation
  2. Copy of PRA POEA License/Certificate of Renewal
  3. Passport and/or ID Copy of Company President/Authorized Representative
  4. Passport Copy of PRA President/Authorized Representative

Additional Requirement for a Japanese Recruitment Agency (Foreign Placement Agency/FPA) (Per 2016 Rules and Regulations)

  • Business license or valid commercial registration of the actual employer hiring skilled workers
  • Master employment contract from the employer, signed jointly in all pages by the FPA and the actual employer or his/her authorized representative;
  • Job Order request from the employer;
  • Notarized Service agreement between the FPA and the client/employer
  • Notarized Joint Affidavit of Undertaking and Assumption of Responsibility by FPA/Employer to monitor the OFWs and to submit a report of significant incidents relative thereto.

Additional Requirement for Japanese Dispatch Companies (Per 2016 POEA Rules and Regulations)

  • List of names and addresses of clients;
  • Manpower request from the client; and
  • Notarized Service agreement between company and its clients hiring Filipino Workers